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ok so were going to play two truths and a lie I’ve been giving out facts about me so if you read them blogs¬†you should know witch is the lie lets start

  1. I wave two dogs
  2. I like mushrooms
  3. Its hailing at my house

Tell me witch is the lie in the comments!!

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this picture is NOT me ūüėČ

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62-72 Q and A part 5

Part 5

Let’s continue¬†,

62. What’s your favorite shoe brand?


63. What are you going to do on your YouTube channel when you get one?

Vlog, covers of songs, challenges, sing my own music that I’m working on.

64. Do you like pizza?

Its ok

65. What songs do you want to do covers of ?



Fake Smile

Pushing 20

Bad Idea



Sue Me

Too late to apologize


( there will be more)

66. Are you writing  your own music?


67. Do you have any songs right now?

Yes I’m working on one right now.

68. Can you tell us the name of the song?

Yes,  f.a.i.t.h ( Fate All In The Heart)

69. Can you tell us how it goes?

Nope you’ll have to wait till I get a YouTube channel.

70.Whats the theme of your room?

Well I have a lot of brown in it but If chose what I wanted it to be it would be gray and pink.

71. Public school?




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Thanks for reading37-43 Q and A Part 3     part 2 lets get to 100    stuff you don’t know about me!!! 44-61 Q and A Part 4



44-61 Q and A Part 4

Part 4

We’re over¬†half way there, when we get to 100 we will¬†continue on the book.

44. Do you like Ramen?


45. Flavor?

Beef is my favorite.

46. What book are you reading at the moment?

Alice’s Adventures¬†in Wonderland (I’m also sharing it with you guys so go check it out.)

47. What are you doing at the moment?

writing this/ school

48. social media??

nope not aloud

49. Will you have it in the future?

I may be getting Facebook but if I ever get anything other than that it will be when I move out possibly (or if my parents change their mind)

50. Most used apps on your phone?

YouTube, Messenger

51. YouTube channel?

Not yet but I have to earn a camera before I start it, which is going to take a minute but I’ll update you if I ever get one.

52. What do you want to be when you get older?

A photographer, I love taking pictures, or sing.

53. Do you want a big or small family when you get older?


54. Have you played any sports before?

Yes, basketball, I want to do dance now.

55. Favorite season?

Late Spring

56. Favorite clothing store at the moment?

Old Navy

57. Have you won any prizes before?

Yes a medal for being proficient in reading and a trophy for basketball.

58. Do you ever plan on smoking or drinking?

NO NEVER!!!!!!!!!

59. How many siblings do you have?

One sister, but I want a big family.

60. Favorite piece of clothing?

Blue Jeans

61. Do you have any other electronics besides your phone?

Yes Xbox 360¬†my younger SISTER and I got it¬†a few Christmas’s ago¬†but Tiff (our stepmother) is always on it (hi Tiff I know you’re reading this.) My sister has¬†a TV in her room, my parents have a TV in their room,¬†the living room has a TV, (the Xbox is in the living room.)

Okay this is it for now we will do more tomorrow. ūüėČ

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37-43 Q and A Part 3

hello I know that I said that ill post every other day its just that we were working on our house and playing outside that I forgot so this week ill try to finish this that way we ca get on with our book if you haven’t read the first part of chapter 1 go check it out k lets start

37. fav TV shows

friends, criminal minds , kid shows/ Andi Mack

38. Animals names

dogs/ colt, Roxy  cat/ smoke

39. fav pop

dr. peper

40. gas

I love the smell of gas ( the kind that goes in your car)

41. own home

when I get older I want to live in California or Texas

42. kids

I want kids when I’m older

43. how many

a lot

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part 2 lets get to 100

27. I have my own phone

28. I’m going to collage

29. I’m getting a queen sized bed

30. I’m writing this on a computer

31. my family are huge Kentucky fans ( football and basketball)

32. we are getting pigs

31. we might get cows

32. we are going to grow a garden this year

33. were going to build houses this year

34. are family barley gets sick

35. are dogs dig up our flowers

36. our dogs drink out of the toilet

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there will be a part 3 of this and many more we wont stop till we get to 100 answers!!!

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stuff you don’t know about me!!

q and a time:

Before we get started I just wanna say I DO NOT know how to tag people if I did I would! I was going to tag Madam mim because she gave me this idea but I don’t know how but lets get started!!!

  1. I love swimming
  2. I like to take pictures
  3. I like to video chat more than text
  4. were getting ready to build a house
  5. its been warm for the past two days where I live
  6. I love broccoli
  7. I have my own room
  8. I have one sibling
  9. I’m getting a bunny and my sister Is getting some type of lizard
  10.   I want a brother
  11. I have two mothers
  12. I was really lazy last year (going to work on that this year)
  13. I love hotels soooo much
  14. two of my dogs died in the same week :(((((
  15. I now have two full blooded blue heelers
  16. my fav color is yellow
  17. I have one cat
  18. I used to play basketball
  19. I wanna do dance now
  20. my fav song at the moment is NASA by Arianna Grande
  21. I love playing with make-up
  22. I am homeschooled
  23. I love to dance
  24. I’m going to be starting a youtube channel
  25. I don’t watch popular shows(Riverdale¬†, Grays¬†anatomy and more
  26. I love writing these

this is the end hope you enjoyed!!! bye