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So I watched the movie and it wasn’t that scary so ya but I’m still going to sum it up:

So there were theses three people who liked to rob homes and there was this guy that was blind so he couldn’t see so they decided to rob that house, lets just say that didn’t go to well, I’m not going to spoil it all just in case you want to watch it but you can find it on Hulu it isn’t on Netflix.

I’m now going to post every Friday so I will be posing tomorrow but I don’t have a move yet so ill just tell you tomorrow.

lots of love,

Danni 😉

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New month new topic

Waz up ………… ya were not doing that. so any way its a new month so its time for new topic which is movies so I will be watching a movie and telling you all about it so the first movie I’m going to be watching is: Don’t breath, its a scary movie, just warning you if you don’t like scary movies, but I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee scary movies




Vocal Range (4)

Hey guys so today I’ve decided that I’m going to be talking about famous people trying to hit high notes so lets start:

Arianna Grande

She has AMAZING vocals and sounds, I love her music so much and every song that she puts out is amazing, her album Sweetener is my favorite my favorite song of hers is either Dance to This or Monopoly or Bloodline there both amazing.

Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards is a member of the little mix group and I think that she stands out, like a lot she also has amazing vocals just listen to their songs you’ll love them.

Billie Eilsh

She is a queen she’s so amazing she’s defiantly my favorite .


Lots Of Love


Lets Talk about music and stuff (3)

Geez, I’m horrible at posting on time. So now that I’ve missed days which I shouldn’t be, I’ve made a new schedule on how many times I should post a week or month. So I’m going to tell you the topic for next month since its almost here already, it is movies ( Yaaaaaaaaaaay) so ill be watching movies and telling you all about them so ill post 10 times a month and about 2 to 3 times a week. so now that we’ve got that out of our way we can move on to the topic for this month yay:

So this time the question is, Who is your favorite but youngest artist that you like or love? Well mine is Annie Leblanc she is a singer, Actress, model, YouTuber, and a role model. she does so much stuff that I wanna do such as: sing, act, YouTube, and role model for younger and older people. She is very kind and sweet. Btw she has her own yt channel and a family one so please go check them out.

But that’s all bye

Lots Of Love,


Favorite Artists (2)

Hello so you already know from the last blog I posted yesterday that my favorite artist is Billie Eilish so I’m going to tell you some reasons that I like her and her music so here we go.

( Billie Eilish )

  • She’s kind to her fans and supporters. (Every video or picture I see she’s always nice to her fans even if she’s in a bad mood she’s always kind.)
  • Her music is fun, creepy, and sometimes even sad. ( I love her music my favorite song of hers is either When The Party’s Over or Bad Guy.
  • Her clothing choices. ( Not every girl has to wear skinny jeans and tight shirts to look good, she wears baggy shirts and shorts and still looks amazing in them.)

I could go on and on but I have other things to do so ill try to post tomorrow.

Lots Of Love,



So The Music Thing……. (1)

Hi…….. again so we have a lot to catch up on such as music and life. So the reason I haven’t posted this month is because well the first week of this month my cousins were here YAY but now there not and then I forgot all about school and my blog so ya that’s why I haven’t posted. Also if you don’t know I’m homeschooled and this is how I found this so there is 180 days of school in my homeschooling thing I’ve got going on and I’m on day 148 so I’m almost done and when I’m done ill be taking a break from wp ill still post every once in a while but its just for summer stuff so enough of this today ill be sharing my playlist but not all of it because there’s some songs on there that I don’t need to share so here you go :

( by the way I’m a huge Billie Eilish fan now so yeah enjoy )

Evanescence – Bring Me To Life

Little Mix – Think About Us

Fifth Harmony – All in my head

Dj Snake – Taki Taki

Troye Sivan- Dance to this

Sam Smith- Dancing with a stranger

Normani- Love lies

Annie Leblanc- Over It

Annie Leblanc- two sides

Billie Eilish- I love you

Taylor Swift- Me

Iggy Azalea- started

Green Day- Boulevard of broken dreams

Some Nights- fun

Rihanna- What now

Billie Eilish- you should see me in a crown

Ajr- weak

Julia Michaels- Heaven

Little Mix- Down and dirty

Jordan Jones- Think about you

Little mix- The cure

Little Mix- Notice

And I also have a whole playlist of just Billie Eilish but this was my main one I hope you enjoyed this little update ill try to post tomorrow bye. ( by the way I put my whole playlist on here so yeah tell me if you listen to any of these songs in the comments)

Lots Of Love,


New topic

Hey I know I haven’t posted for awhile but I defiantly have reasons ( No I don’t )

So I cant find the rest of the chapters for the book so we are just going to start a new topic. Can you guess what it is? …………………………………………………….. it is drum roll please………. Music ( yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ) . so how this is going to work ill sometimes post the songs that i’ve wrote and sometimes ill tell you my songs on my playlist so in this post ill tell you how many songs I’ve wrote from the last time I told you so lets go ahead and get to talking.

I do have a book for all the songs I write so yeah, I have 1 finished and I’m working on two right now so maybe ill post it later. Ill tell you the names of the songs but I don’t wanna give to much away because I’m going to save the singing for my YouTube channel which I still don’t have but were getting closer I now have a tripod ya ok were getting carried away so the names of the songs are…. ( I know they start with the same letter but its ok ) F. A. I. T. H. and the second one is Fade. I haven’t picked a name for the third one  but its ok.

So if you made it to the end comment and say fade I guess


Lots of love,